An important new version of the TradeRadar Stock Inspector software is now available that solves the data download problem that began May 16, 2017.

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Adjustable - works for short-term traders as well as investors with longer time horizons.

Automated - data download and signal generation is now completely automatic for all your watchlist stocks.

Accessible - interactive, sortable reports let you see all your signals at a glance.

Our software identifies price reversals early and consistently ---
Time your trades with Trade-Radar Stock Inspector
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Trade-Radar Stock Inspector - Complete Stock Analysis

Chart with Reversal Alert
Use Stock Inspector's proprietary "Trend Reversal Alerts" as Buy or Sell signals.

More than simple trend following, our algorithms combine statistical analysis, calculus and several well known technical analysis techniques to give you the earliest indication a reversal is taking place.

Dig into our comprehensive selection of technical and fundamental analysis indicators for a complete picture of each investment.

We evaluate 20 aspects of each company's financial statements and distill each one into an easy to read indicator.

Stock Inspector will automatically tell you whether each indicator is good or bad.
Financial Statement

Stock Inspector is easy to use...

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