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Years ago, back when I was working in the aerospace-defense industry as an engineer, I wrote a program that allowed me to apply different mathematical formulas to stock price data and see the result on a chart. One formula in particular seemed to yield interesting results. Whenever there was a significant price reversal, the formula generated a spike on the chart. It reminded me of what you used to see on the display of old tracking radar screens after you had locked on to an aircraft.

Thus was born Trade-Radar.

Today, that basic formula has been considerably refined and wrapped in a much friendlier user interface. It has become my main product: the Trade-Radar Stock Inspector software. A simplified version of the formula is also used to generate the Alert HQ Reversal Alerts offered for free on our sister site TradingStockAlerts.com.

Since those early days, I have pursued different career options (see below) while continuing to test and improve the Stock Inspector software. It’s Buy and Sell signals have helped me in my trading over the years and I am confident they can help you with your trading, too.

In addition to the Stock Inspector software, this site, including the Trade.Radar.Software blog, is also written and developed by me, TradeRadarOperator.

I am a long-time individual investor with an engineering degree and an MBA. I worked originally in aerospace-defense for 15 years and have spent roughly the last 15 years or so doing consulting and then working for large financial services firms. This academic, employment and investing background helps me cast a (somewhat) informed eye on tech stocks, the stock market and the economy and also provides the skills needed to write the software that supports the various parts of the site.

I used to post quite actively at the Trade-Radar.com blog to help individual investors learn more about the following:

  • Tips and tricks for using the Stock Inspector software
  • Issues affecting the high technology industry and the Internet
  • What's going on with selected tech stocks and Internet stocks and any other stock that happens to catch my interest
  • Characteristics of ProShares ETFs and insights into how they work
  • Technical analysis of indexes, stocks and ETFs
  • The impact of macro-economic developments on the technology industry

Now, though I have greatly reduced my blog posting activities I do still write the occassional post about updates to the TradeRadar Stock Inspector software on the blog that is associated with this site: Trade.Radar.Software.

I have developed the rest of the Trade Radar site to provide individual investors tools for investing and investment analysis. For example:

  • We provide a free trial download of the Trade Radar software, an easy to use application for Windows PCs that performs several kinds of analysis on user selected stocks or ETFs and generates Go-NoGo-Caution readings for a number of different technical and fundamental indicators and ultimately provides Buy/Sell/Hold signals.
  • We provide our list of the best free online investing sites and categorize them by function and usefulness.

Many aspects of this site were developed because I thought they would be valuable to use for myself. I hope you find them interesting and useful, too.

I have been recognized by Seeking Alpha:

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Interested in advertising on the Trade Radar blog? Download the media kit.

Interested in advertising on the Trade Radar blog? Download the media kit.

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