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The Trade Radar Stock Analysis and Investment Software explained...

If you engage in online investing, you won't want to waste too much time gathering stock info. You want to identify the best stocks quickly. The Trade-Radar stock software can help.

Using the Trade-Radar Stock Inspector stock trading system, you can get a quick evaluation of 20 technical analysis indicators and 20 fundamental financial indicators. That's 40 indicators in all. The software does the analysis and presents you with a go-nogo signal for each indicator.

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Our unique green light, yellow light and red light system lets you know when an indicator is signaling Go, Caution or No/Go. As a user, you are not expected to become an expert in every aspect of technical analysis or fundamental analysis; the software does it for you! For online stock trading, it's the quickest, most convenient software you can find to do stock research.

For example, if you are interested in dividend stocks, the software will tell you if a company has a dividend and whether the dividend is sustainable. Check the Dividend History chart to see whether dividends have been increasing or decreasing and what the latest yield is based on trailing 12 months dividends and recent closing price.

If you're wondering if there's a BUY signal on a chart, the software will automatically draw trend lines and tell you if our combination of technical analysis indicators confirm that it's reasonable to initiate a trade to buy stock.

If you're trying to keep track of a portfolio of watch list stocks and are trying to determine which ones are generating new Buy or Sell signals, our portfolio reports are perfect for you. Using automated data download and signal generation, these reports will immediately highlight those stocks or ETFs that are making moves.

You can work with the TradeRadar stock analysis software to evaluate the stocks or ETFs of your choice. Get the free trial software on the [ Download ] page of this site.


Download the Trade-Radar Stock Inspector software

This software is now shareware. Downloads are free and you will have 45 days in which to evaluate all the functionality offered by the software. After 45 days have elapsed, you will be prompted to purchase a registration key that will unlock the automated download and Buy/Sell signal generation functionality as well as the Dashboard that displays the analysis indicators and the Watch List reports. Charts and Portfolio functions will continue to work.

See how the Trade-Radar Stock Inspector stock analysis and investment software can be used to generate Buy Signals and Sell Signals and guide your stock trades.

Screen Shots and Features

Visit the page where the main screens of Stock Inspector are shown and where a high-level explanation is provided for what each screen can do.

This will give you an idea of what Stock Inspector looks like and the basics of what it can do for you.

See the chart screen and what a Buy Signal looks like, see all the detailed analysis provided on the Dashboard screens and see how you can track your trades and your watchlist.

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Inside Stock Inspector

40 reasons to try Stock Inspector!

There are 40 different tests that Stock Inspector performs on every stock. Each test is evaluated by the software and each result is displayed with an easy to understand Red-Yellow-Green color code.

Get all the details on the technical and fundamental analysis that Stock Inspector does and how it can reveal what's really going on with your stocks and ETFs.

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