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Take the tour - see what the Trade-Radar Stock Inspector software has to offer


This system will support analysis of stocks, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, indexes, etc. Essentially, anything with a closing price that moves in a manner that allows it to be displayed on a chart. The basic function of the system is to identify reversals in price movements. The trick is to determine if the reversal is significant enough to enter a trade with confidence. Our software will definitely help you make that decision while also showing you whether the stock is over-priced or still a bargain.

The Trade-Radar Stock Inspector stock investment software will help you make your stock picks with more confidence. It retrieves stock information and, using historical stock prices, generates charts and signals that will aid you in making stock predictions. Fundamental indicators tell you whether it is a value stock or whether it is expensive. Ideal for trend trading and swing trading. Even helps with Fibonacci trading.

See the Trade-Radar software in action - Training videos show you how!

Watch one of the TradeRadar training videos to see how to generate a BUY signal or generate a SELL signal. Includes voice-over and step-by-step instructions on how to set up the tool and understand its output.

- Watch the BUY signal video now.

- Watch the SELL signal video now.

Main Screen

This is the first screen that appears when the Trade-Radar progam is launched. In this example, a chart has already been displayed. Charts are now integrated into the main screen, enhancing usability and making it easier to reach all the functionality available. Note the Trade-Radar BUY signal displayed on the lower chart.

Trade-Radar Stock Inspector is a Windows desktop application. The menu and toolbar at the top provides access to the basic features; however, the charting features are not activated unless a stock has been selected from the database. Scroll through the drop down list of symbols and click the Search Database button.

There are other buttons on this screen that allow you to move forward and backward through the price/volume data for the selected stock. There are also buttons that allow you to edit existing data or delete existing data, view your portfolio, and more.

Be sure to use the icons that bring up the Help file or allow you to change program preferences. It's those program preferences that let you adjust the software to match your personal trading style.

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Data Loading Screen

The easiest way to obtain historical price/volume data is to use this screen to obtain data from Yahoo.

The following image shows the screen that allows you to configure the download by entering symbol, date range, etc. Note that the program automatically retrieves fundamental financial data; however, if you are a pure technical analyst, you can turn off this feature.

Once the data is loaded, you may immediately proceed to the ChartView functions on the menu on the main screen.

Buy/Sell Signal Screen

The Signal screen is used to search for and evaluate the TradeRadar buy/sell signals as shown in this first screenshot. (Note that in actual practice not every chart will yield a signal.) The closing price data, moving averages and calculated trend and slope lines are displayed on the top chart and the Trade-Radar signal is displayed on the lower chart.

The Stock Inspector software works to identify trend reversals or changes in price momentum. The purpose is let you know when a peak or valley is occurring that is significant enough for initiating a trade. When that happens, the tall green peak displayed on the lower chart is your Buy or Sell signal. In this example, the software has interpreted the low on the chart to be a bottom and the subsequent new up-trend to be strong enough to generate a Reversal Alert Buy signal.

Buy/Sell Signal Screen controls and indicators

Looking at this next screenshot, it can be seen that two radio buttons are provided that allow you to choose whether you wish to look for a Buy signal or a Sell signal.

A set of indicators is displayed along the top of the lower chart that provides information on signal strength and various other statistical measures of signal quality.

Note the Auto checkbox (it's labelled as "Use Automatic Chart Setup"). This is one of the program's best features! Checking the Auto checkbox will cause the software to automatically adjust a number of critical factors in order to zero in on the signal you are looking for. What could be easier?

There are a number of other controls on this screen that allow you to adjust the time period being examined, the amount of filtering being used on the signal and the sensitivity of the algorithm.

There are also dropdowns that allow you choose different charts or indicators to display on the top and bottom charts. In this example, the bottom chart has been set to display MACD.

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Dashboard Screen

The Dashboard screen is launched by a button on the Buy/Sell Signal screen. The Dashboard provides a quick view of the signal indicators and, using a simple color-coded system (red-yellow-green with green being the best), gives a high-level determination of the quality of the signal. Short explanations of each indicator are also provided.

This shows the Dashboard screen that displays the proprietary Trade-Radar indicators

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This shows the Dashboard screen that displays a large selection of standard technical analysis indicators

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This shows the Dashboard screen that displays all 20 of the fundamental analysis indicators

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Dividend History Chart

Use this chart to visualize the stream of dividends. Easily see if dividends are increasing or decreasing. Enough history is provided to allow you to see whether seasonality affects dividends over time.

In addition, an up-to-date dividend yield is calculated and displayed for you based on the trailing 12 months annual dividend (which includes the latest dividend) and that day’s price. The most recent ex-dividend date is also provided. This data is also displayed on the Dashboard form.

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Portfolio Screen

Use this screen to log information about the trade, real or imaginary. You can capture the signal indicators at the time the trade was entered and closed, number of shares, share prices and commissions, etc. The screen will automatically calculate profit or loss. This becomes a record of the success of the analysis as well as the outcome of the trade. This profit-loss information will automatically show up on the Portfolio Summary.

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Batch Load Screen

To load data all at once for all the stocks on your Watch List, all you have to do is run the Batch Load function and everything happens automatically.

Data for each symbol will automatically be saved in the Trade-Radar database including its associated price and volume data and, if desired, the fundamental information.

Signal analysis is performed during the Batch Load process based on the settings in your Program Preferences. This means that you can immediately review the Watch List Reports to see the latest Buy/Sell/Hold signals that have been generated. You can also review each stockís Chart and check the results on the Dashboard screen.

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Tabular Watch List Portfolio Report

This report displays data in a tabular, spreadsheet format. It shows all the fields in the database generated by the report processing, some of which are not shown on other reports.

This view shows all the values that go into the Trade-Radar signal evaluation and whether they confirm the type of signal. It also shows a number of traditional technical analysis values as determined for the stock at this time and whether they confirm the type of signal.

This report identifies the current primary signal as follows:

  • That a signal has changed from SELL to BUY (data color-coded dark green)
  • That a signal has changed from BUY to SELL (data color-coded red)
  • That a BUY remains a HOLD (data color-coded light green)

You can also click on a stock symbol and view a pop-up chart or click on a column heading and sort the data accordingly.

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Help File available for download

The latest version of the Trade Radar help file is available here for download. Get details on product features and how to use them.

Download Help file now! download Help file

If you have already downloaded the TradeRadar software, use the following procedure: Right click on link above and select Save Target As. Save help file to the folder where the TradeRadar program is located.

If you have not downloaded the Trade-Radar software and you just want to take a look at the helpfile, you may need to view the downloaded file's Properties and click the "Unblock" button in order to view the contents of the helpfile.

This software is written for the PC only (Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8). Sorry, no Macs.

Suggest new features, report bugs or other issues by sending me an email.