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How to purchase the Trade Radar Stock Analysis and Investment Software...

  1. Try it out - This software is shareware. Downloads are free and you will have 45 days in which to evaluate all the functionality offered by the software. Interested? Use the Try before you Buy button below.
  2. Purchase/Register - After 45 days have elapsed, you will be prompted to purchase a registration key that will unlock the automated download and Buy/Sell signal generation functionality as well as the Dashboard that displays the analysis indicators and the Watch List reports. Charts and Portfolio functions will continue to work.
We offer two versions of the software:
  • The Standard version that offers all the Buy/Sell signal generation and dashboard functionality
  • The PRO version offers all the Standard functionality plus automated data update of your entire Watch List and reports that let you tell at a glance which of your Watch List stocks are making moves.

Registration keys can be obtained from MyCommerce.com, a secure third party e-commerce site that handles all of our payment processing.

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Register a Trial Copy

You will need a registration key to unlock all the Buy/Sell signal generation and dashboard functionality.

You can obtain a registration key, along with the latest release of the software when you go through our purchase process, hosted by Stripe.

Note that we offer a discount coupon code for those who sign up to receive our Trade-Radar Software User's Group email newsletter. Sign up now!

Click [ here ] to visit the "Register Stock Inspector" page!



If you currently have a registration key for version 6 of Stock Inspector you may upgrade to version 7 for a modest cost.

Similarly, if you are already using version 7 and have purchased a registration key for the Standard version, you can upgrade to the PRO version for a modest cost.

Just go to our Upgrade page and enter your current registration key and select which kind of upgrade you want. You will be taken to the MyCommerce site where you will be issued a new key and have the opportunity to download the latest release.

Click [ here ] to visit the "Upgrade Stock Inspector" page!

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